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Ukraine surrogacy- Have you considered?

April 5, 2017

If you are a heterosexual married couple interested in surrogacy, Ukraine offers an option for safe, legal surrogacy with a high standard of care and top-of-the-line facilities for nearly half the cost of alternative surrogacy options in Europe and USA.

When choosing an international surrogacy agency or clinic, checking and verifying the integrity of the process should be of highest priority. We at VIVA aim to facilitate international surrogacy in a way that aligns with the highest medical, philosophical, and ethical guidelines that we would want for ourselves as intended parents choosing surrogacy.

The clinic we work with is the top in Ukraine surrogacy. It is a state-of-the-art facility that is part of the second largest private surrogacy clinic chain in Europe. What this ensures is that all aspects of your surrogacy journey are held at European standards and meet all EU surrogacy guidelines.

We take the selection and vetting our surrogates as a matter of virtue. All the women we work with for surrogacy have been medically and psychologically screened. They are financially independent and supported women who have, prior to surrogacy, undergone a healthy and successful pregnancy of their own.

Legally, you can rest assured knowing that both intended parents will be written in on the birth certificate as the legal parents of the baby immediately following the surrogacy. And our services set you up with local surrogacy lawyers that make sure all exit documentation is handled and filed correctly. Best of all, there is no surrogacy waiting list! Our egg donors and surrogates are ready to go as soon as you decide to start.

For such high quality matched with such affordability, the value speaks for itself.

Contact our international program coordinator at for more Ukraine surrogacy information or to set up your free surrogacy consultation today.

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