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Two men – having their own family

June 7, 2015
It’s summer time.  While the biggest worry for some of us is where to spend the next vacation, or to limit those ice cream dosages so that the bathing suit will stay in tact, I would like to share with you the concern of my very proud, gay-dads-to-be friends, who have began the journey of gay surrogacy.  They are a couple just like every other couple you run into.  Mid thirties, Dave is a lawyer, and Jonathan is a high school teacher.  They met, fell in love, decided they wanted to live happily ever after, did the thing all couples do – got married, and lived their life just like everyone else.  Some days super happy, other days grumpy.  It’s called life.  At some point they decided it was time to turn from a couple to a couple with a baby. A family.  Sure, not being able to physically get pregnant was an obstacle, but they knew they had options. At the end of the day, in the year 2015, if you can fly to outer space, find a friend that went to primary school with you  in the other side of the world using the tip of your finger, in a world where everything is possible, surely two men can have a baby. It’s called gay surrogacy.  Unfortunately, gay surrogacy is not legal everywhere in the world.  Gay surrogacy is legal mainly in Nepal, Mexico and the US.  My friends chose to go with the option of gay surrogacy in Mexico.  They started the process – genetic tests, choosing an egg donor, surrogate mother. And just as important – they started to dream.  They could almost see their new baby.  They could feel that warm feeling. The feeling of being a part of a family.  They had plans, and thoughts and dreams. The dream of a baby that would be the result of the gay surrogacy.
If you think about it, two men having a baby, or two, is quite amazing.  Almost like magic. A dream that turns into one’s reality.
I hope, that not long from now, they will hold their new born baby welcoming him into this amazing world.  A world in which astronauts can travel to space, friends from different places on earth reunite, a world in which two men can have a family.
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