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Our Surrogacy Services

A surrogate is a woman who agrees to give birth to a child resulting from implantation of an already fertilized egg (embryo)—and surrender her parental rights– for another individual who cannot be pregnant for various medical, biosocial, or psychological reasons. A surrogate can be a friend, family member, volunteer, or someone who is compensated professionally for this service. All surrogates undergo extensive medical and psychological screenings in order to ensure their suitability.

As surrogacy is a sensitive issue, the matter is approached very carefully in our clinic.  Proper legal contracts are made between the Surrogate Mother, Assisted Reproduction Therapy (ART) banks and the Intended Parents.

Our surrogates are carefully chosen by the experienced staff of our partner companies. Every surrogate has already had children of her own and has undergone natural births with no complications. When relevant, the full consent of the surrogate’s husband is also obtained, as well as his agreement to support his wife during the pregnancy.

At VIVA Family, the health of our Surrogates is paramount to us, as is their routine care and follow-up. We strictly follow all the medical protocols prescribed by our doctors regarding their selection and care. We are supporting our surrogate mothers before, during and after pregnancy. We ensure that they receive proper counseling, prenatal vitamins, proper nutrition, as well as a monthly stipend for food, medication and maternity wear. A Surrogate Coordinator is assigned to each surrogate and always available to assist them. Routine maternal-care appointments are monitored closely by our staff as well as any extra examinations or ultrasounds that are deemed necessary.
Because Surrogacy can be a very stressful Journey for Intended Parents, VIVA Family has also appointed a Pregnancy Care Coordinator who will ensure the same level of attention, care and emotional support to Intended Parents as they had initially before pregnancy confirmation.
During pregnancy, your surrogate receives warm, loving and professional care that includes all the required examinations, vitamins, and screenings. During this time, we will give you the results of all the medical tests and ultrasounds photos performed at the different stages of the pregnancy, and be on call to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.
On the day of birth, you will already be in the hospital waiting for your new baby. We will arrange all the logistics and proper documents that are needed for your arrival and stay, including checklists of recommended things to bring for baby-care, recommended family-friendly hotels near the hospital, as well as necessary New-Baby check-up appointments and documentation.
In general, you will have to spend three to five weeks abroad in order to obtain the required permits to bring your baby home. During this time, we will be available to answer any of your questions. We know what it’s like to be a new parent!  We will also do everything in our power to expedite the work of the lawyer and the Embassy so that you can return home as soon as possible

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