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Gal Sava – Director of VIVA Family

Gal Sava – Director of VIVA Family

Gal Sava is a father to two boys and the founder of “VIVA Family”. Gal’s eldest son was born through surrogacy in India in 2012. His youngest son was born through surrogacy in Thailand in 2014. After experiencing both the joys and hardships of this journey to fatherhood, Gal was inspired to help other people experience the unparalleled gift of parenthood.

Gal has a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Orleans, France, 2004. He has over ten+ years of experience working in International Business Management, with special expertise in digital-driven business development agencies, direct response advertising and global campaigning. He is results-oriented and has been praised for doubling and even tripling business revenue within one year.

Since 2009, Gal has been guiding hundreds of clients through the process of Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy. Gal is directly involved with every Intended Parent who chooses to have his/her children through VIVA Family.

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