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Nepal banned surrogacy – Mexico Surrogacy as an alternative

October 12, 2015

As many of you already know, in the past few weeks it has not been clear whether Nepal will continue to be a destination where surrogacy can take place or not. At the moment, although no final decision has been announced, it seems that Nepal will be banned as a destination where singles or same sex couples will be able to carry out surrogacy process. This is unfortunate as it was most likely a preferred destination for many couples going through surrogacy.

Where does this leave us?
Now that Nepal is no longer an option, the new destination that seems to be ‘replacing Nepal’ is MEXICO. We work with the best and most reliable clinics, at an affordable cost.
We invite you to visit our website and find out more about this option
The US is also an option for singles and same sex couples. This option has been available in the past few years, and is now of more interest due to Nepal shutting its surrogacy services. For additional information please visit our website.
We remind you that for married, straight couples, UKRAINE is also a great option to have the surrogacy process.
We will keep you posted if there are any official news on Nepal.
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