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Insurance in America vs Insurance in Canada: What stands Out

September 19, 2017

Anyone stepping on to the incredible path towards becoming a parent through surrogacy has to undergo the insurance hurdle. And seems to be norm that the more you learn, the less you seem to know!

As experts in managing surrogacy processes and supporting multiple families through their journey in both the US and Canada, we have delved deeply into the topic of Insurance over the last several years.

So what should you know?

  1. Insurance is constantly changing, what was true a year ago is not necessarily (and often not) what is true today.
  1. Insurance costs in the US vary from state to state. There is no national standard, so it makes a difference where your journey takes place.
  1. That said, you should know where your surrogate lives and the name of the hospital she is expected to give birth at, and then cross compare policies and insurance recommendations to make sure that the selected hospital is within the coverage/network of the policy.
  1. In Canada for insurance to cover your baby, it is necessary for the intended parent to be covered under the policy for a minimum of 6 months before the birth.
  1. In Canada, the primary biologically linked parent is the one covered under the policy, and only once the child is born he/she is added immediately to the parent’s plan for an estimated $5000 USD.
  1. US insurance is acquired for the infant only after the birth and you have 60 days to attain the policy which will cover any hospital and medical costs retroactively between the time of coverage and the time of the birth.
  1. The last policy that was acquired in California had a premium of approximately $2500 USD for a 3 month coverage period (for reference)

We hope that these points have shed some light on insurance policies both in the US and Canada. For any questions or further clarifications, as always, we are here!

Please do not hesitate to inquire any further, we are happy to have you as part of our Family.

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