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VIP Sperm Donors

VIP Sperm Donors

Use of a sperm donor is a significant decision that entails a valuable and very personal process for either the couple or the individual involved in seeking assistance.

Viva Family maintains a unique donor base of exclusive and carefully selected sperm donors – models, who are known and personally interviewed, from a wide range of countries around the world: USA, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, France, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Poland and many more.

About the Donors

The sperm donors are chosen rigorously and all have above-average assessments as well as a distinguished physique and physical appearance. Ages of the donors range from 20-35, with heights starting at 180 cm. Recent photos and videos are readily available for all donors upon request. Contact VIVA Family to gain access and form your own impression!

We Offer

  • Attractive VIP donors who are models
  • Exclusivity of donors
  • One time donors only
  • Adult pictures
  • Extensive genetic checks
  • Shipping services of biological materials


The cost of the process covers the selection of the sperm donor and a prorated cost per sample of the donor fee, medical tests, freezing and sperm storage in Ukraine, flights and transportation, housing and expenses during the donor’s stay in Ukraine.


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