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Egg Donation Service

Viva family Egg Donors

VIVA Family has an extensive selection of over two hundred egg donors, who are prepared to help you become parents. The range of our donors is very broad; they come from Ukraine, South Africa and the United States as well as from various Asian countries.  Current and childhood photos are available for each of the Recipients. The matching process with your egg donor is very important and we will walk you through this step very carefully until you choose the right donor for you.

Our egg donors are between the ages of twenty-one to thirty-two, have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), are non-smokers, have no chronic medical or genetic diseases and are physically and emotionally healthy as determined through extensive medical and psychological examinations.  Sometimes clients provide their own donors, which may be a family member or a friend; otherwise information about the identity of the egg donor is confidential.

Please refer to “The Medical Cycle” for more information about the examinations in which the egg donors must pass in order to be suitable for donation.

The health of our donors is important to us; the ova are harvested by senior, world-renowned physicians under precise medical conditions with state-of-the-art equipment. The entire process takes place in fully accredited hospitals that meet with Western standards and no external clinics are used.

Contact us and we will give you details that will allow you to review the full profiles of our ova donors, including pictures.

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