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About VIVA Family

Our Philosophy

VIVA Family was founded in 2011 on the unwavering belief in the strength of families built out of choice. We are committed to helping couples and individuals fulfill their dream of having children and to fostering healthy, hopeful beginnings in an era of assisted reproduction.

The option of egg donation and surrogacy services abroad enables this modern dream to be materialized more readily than ever before, although many of your concerns may still remain. We at VIVA Family understand that the distance from the surrogate, the lack of control over the medical procedures, and the overwhelming bureaucracies and legalities often pose obstacles that make it difficult to navigate through this process. VIVA Family also understand that every family has its own unique medical, social and emotional needs.

Our Mission is to support you, as well as the surrogate and egg donors, through this wonderful, yet highly emotional journey, by providing constant support, open communication, guidance and, most importantly,  personalized care. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance in the drafting of legal contracts, impeccable supervision of medical and psychological screenings of egg donors and surrogates, quality care of surrogates throughout the prenatal, pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods, as well as follow-up with Intended Parents (IP) once you are home with your baby in your hands.

We, at VIVA Family, are a dedicated team with a breadth of both professional and personal experience. We consider our involvement in the growth of your family a privilege, and we are committed to making your journey to parenthood a memorable and positive one.


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