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Gay Surrogacy

June 7, 2018

Gay surrogacy is becoming one of the most popular solutions for gay couples to build their families. As legislation across the world is opening up its doors to embrace gay parents (finally!), the solution of gay surrogacy is the way to bring a child into the world who shares the parents biology and DNA.   When pursuing gay surrogacy, there are still many things a couple must consider:  

  • Who will be the biological father OR will you opt for twins or a double gay surrogacy: It is not uncommon for a couple to ‘split’ an egg retrieval. In this case, half the eggs from an egg donor’s egg retrieval are fertilized by one father’s sperm, and the other half by the other father’s sperm. In gay surrogacy you can transfer one embryo from each father for twins (higher risk pregnancy), or transfer one fathers embryos for a singleton pregnancy now, with the intention to transfer the other fathers embryo later. In some locations, packages for gay surrogacy are available for simultaneous, side-by-side surrogacies.
  • Where to begin your gay surrogacy journey. Gay surrogacy has been approved and then banned in multiple countries around the world (Nepal, India, Thailand, Mexico, etc.), currently the laws are most accommodating for gay surrogacy in the US and Canada. Other countries such as the UK and Australia may offer gay sur

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