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GLOBAL IVF write about Viva-Family

April 30, 2015

Global IVF publish an article about the natural¬†disaster that hit Nepal, and include Gal Sava, ‘Viva-Family’ Founder & CEO giving an update on our clinic and Surrogate Mothers’ situation.        

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April 21, 2015

My daughter came back from school looking a bit confused. Although I was in the middle of a day dream about a beautiful Chanel purse that I saw in the mall today, I was determined to find out what it was that she quite didn’t manage to figure out. After all, the child is a genius (she takes after her father).
She starts telling me about her after school adventures. She met a boy today. (Oh no, she is only 8 years old!) Her new friend showed her his photo album. There was a picture of his dog (I hope she won’t ask me to get one). And a picture of his room (he doesn’t share a room with his siblings). And a picture of his new red extra cool bike (I can’t compete with THAT). And a picture of his dad (ok babe, you also got one!). And hid other dad. Is this the part where I get to explain about gay surrogacy? Or perhaps I should explain first how babies come to the world? The birds and the bees, yes, not so difficult to explain, but two male birds having a baby bird? How does that happen?
It got me thinking. A long long time ago this is how it worked: a guy and a girl would go out, date each other for a short, or a long period of time, have a big (or small) wedding, most likely buy a house, and start a family. You know, a mom, a dad, two or three kids. A family. And it was like that for a long time. In a lot of places. All around the world. So in the case that you were single, most l

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