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If you are thinking about starting a family for the first time...
Egg Donors Services
VIVA Family has an extensive selection of over one hundred egg donors, who are prepared to help you become parents
Surrogacy Services
At VIVA Family, the health of our Surrogates is paramount to us, as is their routine care and follow-up...
Secure Pregnancy Packages
We have developed an innovative Guaranteed Program that offers Intended Parents a level of security above the ordinary programs: pay only once until you hold your baby in your hands.

USA Plan

The State of California is considered the most liberal in the U.S for Surrogacy. The surrogacy is legal by law for same sex couples or individuals. Read More

Ukraine Plan

VIVA Family is proud to provide Surrogacy Services to many couples from around the world We enter this industry with a commitment to diversity and a strong belief that as the field of assisted reproduction grows, so too does the definition of family. Read More

Georgia Plan

Georgia has become one of the most favoured countries in our global network for fertility treatment and a popular destination for surrogacy processes.
Read More.

Egg Donation Plan

Viva Family is proud to provide medical services and facilities that meet and even exceed European standards. Hundreds of clients can attest to its exceptional and personalized care pathways, the professionalism of the medical center and its equipment, as well as its overall modern setting. Read More


How the process goes:
Consult with our experience team

Choose your surrogacy destination

Choose your surrogacy plan

Choose your donor and surrogate mother from our database

Coordinate the first cycle

Follow-up on your pregnancy tests and results

Arrive to pick up your baby

Our vision
Our mission

The VIVA family boasts over 400 successful cases for happy parents from all over the world.

Pregnancy guaranteed program
Leading Medical Experts
Committed and dedicated team
Immediate availability of egg donors and surrogate mothers
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