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Parents Guide for Surrogacy with Egg Donation program – Georgia

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Viva Family Georgia would like to present you the guideline for having Surrogacy with Egg Donation program through Viva Family Georgia. We have tried to clearly outline all the steps the parents are required to follow and we hope you will find the below information very helpful.

According to Georgian legislation Surrogacy is legal for only married heterosexual couples. Therefore all the parents in need to have surrogacy program should hold official marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate.


Surrogacy with Egg Donation program will be managed by different team members at certain stage. Follow up manager, who is a first contact of the couple is in charge to provide them with all the relevant information, give full guidance of the program, set the dates of the program, receive medical screening and discuss with the IVF doctor and embryologist the suitability to requested program, help the couple to sign the contracts and confirm the payment. Once the payment is received program is passed to the Medical Coordinator who is in charge of final planning of the program, give the time schedule of IVF dates and assign each day activities for the parents while they are in Georgia for IVF program, based on the IVF doctor suggestions assign the surrogate mother and send the details to the parents. Medical coordinator is following up with the parents until they receive pregnancy. If the parents are required to do second and third attempts Medical coordinator is the one helping them.


As soon as pregnancy is received program is passed to the pregnancy care coordinator. The coordinator is in charge to monitor and update the parents at every stage of pregnancy. She is setting the doctor checkups, makes sure the ultrasounds are done at assigned date, she monitors that the surrogates have a stock of needed medication and vitamin supplements and of course she step by step informs the parents how everything is progressing.

On week 30 of pregnancy, pregnancy care coordinator introduces the parents After Birth Care Coordinator, who is helping the parents to collect the information about the real estate agencies, nannies and she is a contact person if the parents need any assistance while they are in Georgia.


Follow up Part with the help of Follow Up Manager

Select the dates of the program. Parents should note that for IVF programs we require their staying in Georgia for 5 full days. The reason behind this is that before egg donor is at very final stage of stimulation it is hard to identify the exact one day of egg retrieval. As each stimulation is individual and even previous stimulation history is not a guarantee of number of days is will last, we recommend the parents to be present from day 10 of stimulation including day 15.

Parents have flexibility to choose the dates they are able to come for IVF program. They should be aware that from contract signing we need 6-8 weeks to have the IVF program fulfilled.

Alternative option for the parents not able to travel for 5 days. In case the parents are not able to travel for 5 days because of their work schedule, we offer them alternative to come to Georgia for 2 days and leave the frozen sperm. They can notify us one week prior and we will arrange the dates and details with the embryologist. This enable the parents to have a look around of clinic facilities, meet us in the office, meet their egg donor and leave the frozen sperm in the clinic. This makes their staying shorter and parents find this option very comfortable as they feel less stressed compared to when actual programs are under way. Sperm freezing does not decrease the sperm quality. We need to have your sperm analyses received prior to your travel and we must have embryologist confirmation that you are accepted for sperm freezing.

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