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Is it the end of surrogacy in Nepal?

October 15, 2015

In September a few private Nepalese lawyers appealed to the high court in Nepal against the Nepalese Government in respect to the Cabinets’ decision that allows for Surrogacy to take place in Nepal. Gal Sava, ‘Viva Family’ Founder & CEO, sheds light about the situation in Nepal, tells us what to expect and reveals what are relevant destinations in the case that Nepal bans surrogacy. What happened in Nepal? An appeal has been made against the fact that surrogacy takes place and is not instituted in the law (although there is no law prohibiting it). The court of Justice asked the State of Nepal to address questions such as – what are the rights of the surrogate mother, what are the child’s rights etc. As a result, the Health Services provided its response. Based on the reply, the court in Nepal needs to decide whether it allows to carry out surrogacy or to freeze the process until a procedure is constituted. At the moment it is not clear when and if this matter will be settled, and even if it is settled, it seems that singles and same sex couples won’t be able to go through the surrogacy process in Nepal. There are a few possible scenarios: Optimistic scenario – the position of the state will be accepted and surrogacy will become legal and constituted in the law. Pessimistic scenario – the position of the state will be reject

October 12, 2015

As many of you already know, in the past few weeks it has not been clear whether Nepal will continue to be a destination where surrogacy can take place or not. At the moment, although no final decision has been announced, it seems that Nepal will be banned as a destination where singles or same sex couples will be able to carry out surrogacy process. This is unfortunate as it was most likely a preferred destination for many couples going through surrogacy.

July 23, 2015

Up until about a decade ago, surrogacy was only an option for very few people – straight couples who didn’t manage to have babies, who had gone through IVF treatments that failed. These couples would have an assessment done, and if they ‘got approved’, they had the privilege of having a surrogate mother who will carry their baby for them.   In the last decade, the option of surrogacy has become available for many: couples, as well as singles who can’t have children in any other way. First of all, the awareness among fertility doctors and couples facing fertility problems has massively risen, and many couples who have been trying to have babies with the help of IVF treatments for a long period of time, years sometimes, are no longer taking such a long time to consider the option of surrogacy. The awareness and the growing number of couples wanting to use surrogacy as means of having children resulted in a tricky situation – it was hard to find a surrogate mother in Israel since there were not as many surrogate mothers available. Many couples had to pay a very large amount of money and yet to ‘compromise’ on a surrogate mother, one they didn’t bond with or trusted. The outcome was that the couples began to look for alternatives overseas. This crowd was joined by gay couples and singles who legally couldn’t apply for surrogacy in Israel, and who h

July 5, 2015
The process if choosing an egg donor. I must admit, not an easy one. Before looking at the profiles of the egg donors I thought “for sure it will be an easy task”. I am about 40egg donor profiles after, and it’s not quite as I imagined. Is it the egg donor’s looks that I should decide upon? Egg donor’s health? Should I be paying attention to how educated the egg donor is? Her personality? I had given the egg donation ordeal quite some thought. What should my decision be based on? For days I reviewed the egg donors profiles, finally managed to narrow it down to my 10 favorite egg donors. That definitely made me feel great.
I finally decided that the most important thing for me is the egg donor’s health, and her looks. As for the the rest – education and personality – I plan to provide my baby a safe and loving environment where he or she can flourish, and I have no doubt my baby will become the amazing person that I wish her to be.
Of course I always keep in mind, one side to this is the egg donor, her looks, traits, personality, still there is always the other half – my half (-:
June 29, 2015

Congratulations to the happiest dad in the world for the birth of his twins, born in Mexico. We are excited and thrilled to welcome the two adorable babies into the world. We love you and are waiting for you back home!

June 7, 2015
It’s summer time. While the biggest worry for some of us is where to spend the next vacation, or to limit those ice cream dosages so that the bathing suit will stay in tact, I would like to share with you the concern of my very proud, gay-dads-to-be friends, who have began the journey of gay surrogacy. They are a couple just like every other couple you run into. Mid thirties, Dave is a lawyer, and Jonathan is a high school teacher. They met, fell in love, decided they wanted to live happily ever after, did the thing all couples do – got married, and lived their life just like everyone else. Some days super happy, other days grumpy. It’s called life. At some point they decided it was time to turn from a couple to a couple with a baby. A family. Sure, not being able to physically get pregnant was an obstacle, but they knew they had options. At the end of the day, in the year 2015, if you can fly to outer space, find a friend that went to primary school with you in the other side of the world using the tip of your finger, in a world where everything is possible, surely two men can have a baby. It’s called gay surrogacy. Unfortunately, gay surrogacy is not legal everywhere in the world. Gay surrogacy is legal mainly in Nepal, Mexico and the US. My friends chose to go with the option of gay surrogacy in Mexico. They started the process – genetic tests, choosing an egg donor, su

May 27, 2015
For a member of the gay community, becoming a parent involves many factors, yet it’s a wonderful and emotional journey.
The dream to become a parent through gay surrogacy process (gay or straight parent) connects us immediately to our parents, they serve as an example of good parenting and also an example of them not doing a great job raising us (in our view). It also connects us to our desire to be better parents for our children.
While gay surrogacy process of becoming parents is a positive and exciting
experience, it can also be very stressful, tense and nerve wrecking. Many who go through the process of gay surrogacy worry about the well being of the embryo, the success of the process, and the safe return home when going through the surrogacy process abroad.
It is well known that many parents (men / women) develop depression and anxiety during the gay surrogacy process and the pregnancy, some times before the baby is born, or after the birth. This happens to both men and women. It is also known that planning ahead can actually assist and decrease the chance to develop symptoms of depression and anxiety before and after the baby is born.
As you (gay or straight dad) prepare for your journey, it is recommended to get as

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May 2, 2015
I always knew I wanted to have a family. I wasn’t sure how many children I would have, who I would marry, where we will live. However, I knew that I would have a family. My own family.

Unlike others who choose to have a family, for me it was challenging. You see, since childhood, I have always known that I was gay. I knew that before I knew what was the meaning of it. What my life would look like. It was who I was, and I never tried to change it or ignore it. I accepted it since the day I realized that’s who I am.
The fact that I was gay, and the fact that I was determined to have a family, these 2 facts found it difficult to co exist. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I wasn’t going to give up on my dream.
Like many other people, I went to school, graduated, travelled the world, fell in and out of love, experienced, learned. Lived. At some point I was in a relationship and felt that I was ready to tie the knot. Just like anyone else. I was married for a couple of years, and my husband and I started talking about having kids. Just like anyone else. As opposed to the days when I was growing up, it seemed like today we actually have options to live the dream. To become a family. To bring our own kids into this world and raise them as one family. The option, by the way, is called gay surrogacy. How simple. How complex. I was

April 30, 2015

Global IVF publish an article about the natural disaster that hit Nepal, and include Gal Sava, ‘Viva-Family’ Founder & CEO giving an update on our clinic and Surrogate Mothers’ situation.        

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April 21, 2015

My daughter came back from school looking a bit confused. Although I was in the middle of a day dream about a beautiful Chanel purse that I saw in the mall today, I was determined to find out what it was that she quite didn’t manage to figure out. After all, the child is a genius (she takes after her father).
She starts telling me about her after school adventures. She met a boy today. (Oh no, she is only 8 years old!) Her new friend showed her his photo album. There was a picture of his dog (I hope she won’t ask me to get one). And a picture of his room (he doesn’t share a room with his siblings). And a picture of his new red extra cool bike (I can’t compete with THAT). And a picture of his dad (ok babe, you also got one!). And hid other dad. Is this the part where I get to explain about gay surrogacy? Or perhaps I should explain first how babies come to the world? The birds and the bees, yes, not so difficult to explain, but two male birds having a baby bird? How does that happen?
It got me thinking. A long long time ago this is how it worked: a guy and a girl would go out, date each other for a short, or a long period of time, have a big (or small) wedding, most likely buy a house, and start a family. You know, a mom, a dad, two or three kids. A family. And it was like that for a long time. In a lot of places. All around the world. So in the case that you were single, most l

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